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Design a program that will rapidly move you towards your goal.  Buy three get one free.

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The Power of Hypnosis

Within you is an ability, the seed of greatness, your unlimited potential. It rests inside your mind, waiting for stimulation. And only you can bring it forth. Many people already have achieved this for themselves. You see and admire them every day. They are successful. They radiate confidence. They are proud and satisfied.

The only way to control your destiny is to control your mind. Our self-development, self-improvement method was designed to open your subconscious mind and achieve success! We offer the following CD categories:

With these CDs you can achieve your goals, change your habits, improve yourself, solve your problems and control your destiny in the comfort of your own home.

Success and the "New You" are only the push of the play button away.


Many celebrities
have used Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, or Meditation to successfully change their lives! Join Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore,The Beatles, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Will Smith, and many more!



Hypnosis was approved by the
British Medical Association
1955, approved by the American
Medical Association
in 1958, and
practiced by Dr. Carella since 1973.


The Carella Method


Self Hypnosis/Guided Imagery/Affirmations/Meditation

Click to listen to Dr. Frank Carella describe his four step method.

All the CD’s sold on this site have been professionally recorded on Quality CD’s and are designed to stimulate and sustain your inner desire for behavioral change. All programs have been tested in our office.

These CD’s all add a powerful dimension to your efforts to realize your full potential and become the person you want to be.Each personal, private, comfortable, at home session of Self Hypnosis, Guided Imagery or meditation will enlighten the power of your subconscious mind and help you achieve your goals. Success and the “New You” are only the push of the play button of your CD player away.

Featured Products


Hypnosis - 101. Self Confidence

Perfect for those new to hypnosis. This program is used at the clinic for ego strengthening. A complete method for both confidence and relaxation.

If you purchase no other program make it THIS ONE!




Affirmations - 215. Believe in Myself

This endless loop positive affirmations CD is designed for use while driving, at home, and even when sleeping.  As you believe in yourself, others will believe in you.




Guided Imagery - 313. Achieving My Goals

This is a program of directed thoughts and suggestions to guide your imagination towards the achievement of your goals.




Meditation - 401. Personal Awakening with Sounds of Nature – Tropical Forest

This meditation program is my personal favorite. It will help you feel calm and clear awareness about your life.


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